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Musicians & DJ's

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Musicians & DJ's

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Musicians & DJ's

Musicians and DJ’s

Stuart Burrell has been working with Musicians & DJ’s for the last 20 years. Stuart Burrell’s interest comes from his own musical experience and the realisation that the needs of this group of people are often not understood by other Ear and Hearing professionals.

Your ears have an early warning system – if you experience a ringing sound after exposure to loud music, you have probably already started to damage your hearing. Don’t ignore your ears – they are trying to tell you something!

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There are two main issues


It’s much easier to protect your hearing rather than trying to repair it once it’s damaged. With modern technology there is no reason why anyone needs to damage their hearing with loud music. There are a variety of solutions which allow you to enjoy music without damaging your ears. We supply products from our manufacturer partners Puretone and Advanced Communication Solutions:




If you already have hearing loss and/or tinnitus you need the best advice to manage these symptoms and keep playing. Making music with hearing loss can be incredibly challenging; noise induced hearing loss results in a loss of high frequencies, this degrades the quality of music and can lead to distortion.

The priority is to stabilise the hearing and prevent further damage whilst also providing amplification to the affected frequencies. Providing amplification for the musician can be very difficult; musicians have “trained ears” and listen to the world very differently from the rest of the population. Providing amplification for music is very different from amplifying speech and requires a flatter response with less signal processing, and although technology is getting better, it’s still a challenge.

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